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Seedlings Classes (Ages 1-5)

Our 45-minute class is designed with fun and learning as the focus. Your child will learn all the basics of gymnastics on all the Olympic apparatus, and the trampoline with circuits on each event so that your child is never sitting still. Music, colors, numbers, and shapes are all used as learning tools for this class and it will enhance their motor skill development, confidence, and overall coordination.


We have specifically broken up these classes into 1 year age categories based on the social, emotional, physical, and psychological development stage of each age. Please sign your child up for the appropriate aged class, we do not make any exceptions.

Recreational Classes (Ages 6+)

Our Recreational program offers 4 different levels of instruction designed to keep your child engaged with the sport for years! Each class has a designated set of skills that are learned and performed until mastered. Levels 1-4 classes will build on each other, adding to the skills they learned in the previous class. We recommend all kids start in a beginner level class and fill out their skill chart,  coaches will make recommendations when an athlete is ready to move up.

  • Beginner and Intermediate Classes are 50 minutes.

  • Advanced Classes are 90 minutes.

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