Grassroots Gymnastics has enacted updated policies in accordance with CDC and DHEC guidelines in response to Covid-19, ensuring parents that health and safety is the gym’s main priority. These policies detail health and safety precautions, drop-off, and pick-up procedures. The updated policies are as follows:


Health and Safety

  • Grassroots Gymnastics has always and will continue to use non-toxic cleaning supplies.

  • In addition to regular cleaning procedures, all mats and equipment are thoroughly wiped each night.

  • Additionally, doorknobs, tables, and the lobby window will be disinfected every day and hand sanitizer has been made available for general use.

  • Upon entering the building, please stand on a "wait here" square and wait for your temperature to be taken.

  • Afterward, please wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. We recommend singing the “Happy Birthday” song!

Limit Exposure

  • Expect class routines to change slightly with the implementation of air hugs, and air high fives, and no stamps at the end of class.

  • It is recommended that parents drop children and not enter the lobby. However, any parent who wishes to enter and watch class may do so as long as they wear a facemask.

  • Please do not come to class more than 5 minutes early.

  • All students will be asked to stand on dots which are all placed 6 feet apart at each event, and while waiting for a turn

Please direct all questions to info@grassrootsgymnastics.com

Response to Ill Child

  • Coaches will ask each child to wash their hands upon arrival and will be taking temperatures of each student each day.

  • If it appears that a child is ill, meaning excessive congestion and runny nose, and/or persistent coughing, that child’s Coach will immediately notify the Manager on Duty. The manager will then bring the child to their parent or if the parent is not present the manager will sit with the child away from the others while we get a hold of the parents.

  • If a child has a fever they will be asked to come back after 7 days. (Please note if the child has been exposed to the coronavirus within the same household, the child MUST quarantine for 14 days as recommended by the CDC.)

Class Drop-Off Procedures

  1. Please enter the building with your child. Everyone needs to enter with a facemask on.

  2. Once inside please wait on a "wait here" square for someone to take your temperature.

  3. Everyone needs to keep masks on the entire time you are inside the building. Exceptions are children under 4 and WHILE TAKING YOUR TURN ON EQUIPMENT IF UNSAFE.

  4. Athletes will wash hands and place shoes into a cubby.

  5. Wait on your purple number for your coach to call the class into the gym.

  6. Parents may watch from the window or hang out in the lobby, masked.

  7. If you wish to wait in your car please let your coach know and we will escort them out to you.

  8. All water breaks are taken in the lobby, the athletes should stand on a purple number while taking water breaks.

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